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  • Vidlok Live Stream Kits

    Wide Compatibility

    Multiple sound effects and Voice Change

    Volume Adjustment and Real-time Monitoring

    Bluetooth Accompany and DSP Intelligent Noise Reduction Chip.

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    Vidlok Streamline Green Screen

    Vidlok Live Stream Green Screen
    1. Ultra-Fast Setup & Breakdown & Portable
    with Auto-locking Frame
    2. Install and Adjust Height Freely
    3. Wrinkle-resistant Chroma-Green Fabric
    4. Pack in Aluminum Hard Case
    5. Easy to install, it can be installed in just a few steps.
    6. The material is polyester, durable, wrinkle-resistant,and does not fade.
    7. Multiple uses, very suitable for studio walls, games,video, film, animation or product photography.

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